Контроллер bafang схема

контроллер bafang схема
Use a bicycle transmission with a wide range of gearing. The higher the number the greater the power applied to each rotation. Just because the right colors are present does not mean they will match correctly, though that would be a good first guess.

Редкуторные мотор-колёса Мотор-колёса с планетарным редуктором характерны низким весом, отсутствием сопротивления накату и хорошим крутящим моментом. However, with any ebike that is using “Pedal Assist”, you need to change your habits to avoid injury. Be certain to turn OFF the power to the motor before attempting to re-install the chain. The two I have bought from Lectric Cycles and all the ones I have bought from Paul and Doug at California-Ebikes (which both use em3ev’s settings) have given my absolutely no problems. The steel smaller-diameter drive-gear shows the length of their engagement. Stator dis-assembly pics courtesy of ES member “Kepler”. He has reported that the laminations are the more desirable 0.35mm thickness, instead of the common thicker 0.50mm that are found on most E-bike hub motors. You can still find $600 kits on the market to transform the BBS02 into a fat bike kit.

The primary reduction (high-RPM 32T:12T = 2.7:1) uses a helical gear (shown at the 2:22 mark in the video listed below), which dramatically helps the noise level. Asst8 Limit Current(%): 94/80/94/85/94 – Power cut based on road speed at power level 8 if set to 9 power levels. Ride On. UPDATE: A hacker from Norway named Penoff used the source code and completely rewrote the Bafang programming software. Редукторное мотор-колесо имеет встроенные планетарные шестерёнки (показано на фото 1). Это позволяет получить больший крутящий момент и большую эффективность на малых оборотах.

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