Ам модулятор схема labview

ам модулятор схема labview
При преобразовании создаются два файла: первый файл (Data_temp.txt) содержит данных из файла SystemView, второй файл (Time_temp.txt) содержит временной интервал отсчетов функции сигнала. Faintly, but clearly “psht-psht-psht” pause “psht-psht-psht” came through the earphone. Watch how changing the control values of a and b updates the indicator value of a*b. Values put into the controls on the front are passed to the block diagram, and the result that is computed by the block diagram logic is passed back to the front panel indicator. LabVIEW implementation of liquid density measurement using ultrasonic transducers — IEEE Xplore Document Skip to Main Content Abstract: This paper aims at non contact measurement of liquid density using ultrasonic transducers. Type in .5 and press . 6. Now right-click the output of the right multiply function and select Create»Indicator to create an indicator that passes the value of the block diagram logic to the front panel.

Click the Show Context Help Window button to toggle the display of the context help window. Block Diagram Nodes Nodes are objects on the block diagram that have inputs and/or outputs and perform operations when a VI runs. Click the Align Objects pull-down menu to align objects along axes, including vertical, edge, and left. While the VI runs, the Abort Execution button appears. There are two distinguishing characteristics between a control and an indicator on the block diagram. Tip: You can make comments on the block diagram or the front panel by double-clicking the block diagram and typing your comment into the automatically created text box.

Notice that the two controls Base(cm) and Height(cm) and the indicator Area(cm^2) were automatically generated and placed on the front panel. Notice that the Base(cm) and Height(cm) block diagram terminals look different from the Area(cm^2) terminal. Labeled on the constellation plot is the digital bit pattern that each symbol represents.

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