La 5893p apw7138 схема

Bypass with 0.1µF from DAC to GND;14 — Battery Voltage Select Input;16 — Remote Sense Input for the Output Voltage of BatteryДолжно быть вместо BQ подойдёт ISL — нужно проверять. Connect the feedback compensation components from EAI to EAO. Connectthe input compensation from FBO to EAI;7 — Charge enable active-high logic input;у MAX8731 — 5 вывод — Output Current Regulation Loop-Compensation Point. Последний раз редактировалось тагансити 10 окт 2012, 15:27, всего редактировалось 1 раз. Selectable ForcedContinuous Conduction Mode (FCCM) or Power Saving Mode (PSM) enables the flexibility for low noise operationor high efficiency conversion over wide output current range.3. Lossless current sensing by RDS(ON) of lower switch achieves programmable over current protection.

Подозреваю,что обратная замена на RT8205 не всегда возможна. Connect 0.01µF from CCI to GND;7 — DAC Voltage Output. Otherfeatures include internal soft start, integrated bootstrap diode and thermal shutdown.

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